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Helping leading rail operators and asset owners achieve breakthrough gains in efficiency and safety while enhancing the passenger experience across more than 11K miles of track each month.


Hubble is a leading UK Automated Digital Lineside inspection platform for Network Rail, detecting hazards through forward-facing camera video feeds from trains. Its AI technology identifies potential violations with vegetation, signals, overhead lines and much more, enabling maintenance teams to quickly address the issues and prevent faults, saving time and money. Hubble also enhances track worker safety by reducing the need for routine track inspections. Developed with Network Rail end users, Hubble provides a net benefit of £2M per year per Network Rail Route, reflecting our commitment to technology innovation for improved safety and efficiency.

  • Improve Safety - Assure Track Worker Safety Paths Are Clear

  • Save Time - 50% Reduction In Manual Inspections

  • Improve Performance - Predict and Prevent Track & Lineside Faults

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Real-time monitoring of critical equipment, such as pantograph systems, that alert control room teams to immediate high risk issues before it is too late Network Rail uses CrossTech Poler software to provide a digital safety blanket to over 3000 pantographs across the Southern Region. Protecting passengers from serious disruption; even whilst you read this.

  • Performance Improvement - Prevent Incidents Before They Happen

  • Cost Effective - Maximum System Efficacy. Minimum Hardware Costs

  • Plug & Play - Quick Integration with Current Systems

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"We want our trains to run on time" is the very first sentence in the Great British Railways: Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail paper. CrossTech has an expert team working on software to help the railway do just that. This project is being developed with support from Innovate UK, Network Rail and the Geospatial Commission.

  • Improve Performance - Understand the True Reasons Behind Sub Threshold Delays

  • Save Time - Automate Delay Attribution

  • Improve Network Capacity - More Trains For Passengers Without the Capital Expenditure

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Passenger AI

CrossTech has developed software to enable a breakthrough in passenger experience. Passenger-AI solves for accurate insights on passenger demand, improving network planning, reducing dwell time, optimizing vehicle utilization and providing real-time occupancy data to passengers' mobile phones.

  • Better Passenger Information - Monitor Bus Occupancy In Real-Time

  • Operational Efficiencies - Improved Driver Behaviour

  • Save Fuel - Right Number of Buses and Type Across the Day

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