About CrossTech

A team with unmatched technology expertise and a commitment to make transport work better

The CrossTech team shares a commitment to redefine the standards for safety, efficiency, and passenger experience in transport and other asset heavy industries.

70K +

Violations Detected

Cut cost and risk while improving safety and performance by preventing incidents and reducing time spent in higher risk environments


Annual Savings

CrossTech customers have realised these savings by spotting problems before they happen and reducing delays - passengers and taxpayers have benefitted

15K +

Hours Saved

By automatically spotting faults and issues, our clients can save hours and hours to concentrate on their strategic imperatives

Trusted by Industry Leaders

CrossTech Differentiation

We're designing, building, and delivering the future of transport efficiency

While a lot of organisations talk about the power of AI, CrossTech is delivering. Our team is quietly helping leading rail operators and asset owners save millions of pounds annually while increasing safety and improving the passenger experience across more than 11K miles of track each and every month.

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Founded in 2014, CrossTech is an innovative UK-based technology company with deep expertise in cloud software, AI, machine learning, and image processing.  Complementing its technology expertise and focus, the company has developed expertise in railway technology and operations and adjacent asset heavy sectors.  CrossTech was recently awarded the Digital Leaders Geospatial Winner 2022 for the best geospatial software system across all of the UK sectors.

We are ISO accredited across Information Security and Quality Management.

CrossTech Solutions in Action

Learn more about the value created by CrossTech Solutions for leading transport organisations.

CrossTech Capabilities

The expertise, vision, and ambition to create game-changing software for the transport industry.

Developing proven, high-performing, mission-critical software solutions.

  • Data Science & Decision Support

    The CrossTech team helps users quickly find and use value from the most complex and sizable datasets.

  • User Experience & Interface Design

    CrossTech solutions always make it easy for users to derive business value through streamlined user interfaces and experiences.

  • Advanced Computer Vision

    CrossTech uses cutting-edge image processing data to spot faults with Overhead Lines, Vegetation, and Obstructed Cess Paths.

  • Data Visualisation

    CrossTech solutions not only help users find and use data, they also present data in formats that make it incredibly easy to spot trends and identify the outliners.

  • Industrial Sensors / IoT

    All CrossTech solutions are designed to work with data from an unlimited number of sensor and controls inputs, reflecting the complicated technology infrastructure for transport systems.

  • CrossTech people are game-changers as well

    The commitment of our team to delivering breakthrough software is only matched by the commitment of the team to customer success.

"These folks really know what they're doing with AI and have a refreshing attitude when working together"

First Group

Program Management, Bus

CrossTech Senior Leadership

Talent, Energy, Commitment, Ambition, Results

We hire people who want to tackle the hardest technology challenges, delight customers, and inspire others.

  • Haydon

    Managing Director

    Manages a high powered tech startup with rapid growth and leading enterprise clientele

  • Milda

    Head of Product & Delivery

    Assures CrossTech builds the market leading products and services around the needs of end users.

  • Kirill

    Head of Technical Operations

    Architecting simple solutions for complex problems to deliver the highest quality and performant software

  • Rabah Tahraoui

    Head of UI/UX

    Building Simple Interfaces for Complex Systems that haven't been done before.

  • CrossTech Award-Winning Support

    At CrossTech, we develop solutions that are mission-critical to our customers.

    Every day, millions of journeys are safer, more efficient, and easier because of our software. Prolonged downtime is simply not possible and that is why we take our support responsibility as seriously as our software engineering. If a customer ever needs our help, they can be assured that our most talented engineers, our staff with the most technical industry knowledge, and our entire organization will stop everything else to ensure customer success on a 24/7 basis.